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Via the Bruderhof's Daily Dig:

Believe To the End
Fyodor Dostoevsky

If all men abandon you and even drive you away by force, then when you are left alone fall on the earth and kiss it, water it with your tears and it will bring forth fruit even though no one has seen or heard you in your solitude. Believe to the end, even if all men went astray and you were left the only one faithful; bring your offering even then and praise God in your loneliness...And if two of you are gathered together--then there is a whole world, a world of living love. Embrace each other tenderly and praise God, for if only in you two His truth has been fulfilled.


Just tried to send y'all some email. Got an error reply that "user has no account on".



We do too! [grin]

Please try again. I always mess up spelling summamamas--too many m's and a's!

Also, my email address is linked to my posts.




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