Happy Thanksgiving, Ya'll

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It's almost time for me to head over to Mom's and help with the preparations for tomorrow. So, I'll be scarce around here until Friday, at least. Perhaps Saturday.

I will be counting my blessings as I prepare the food for tomorrow. I'm so very thankful for my dearest PapaC and our 25 years together. Here's hoping for at least another 25 more. I'm thankful for my wonderful Zteen, truly a son worth crowing about.

I am thankful for my parents, and more grateful than you can imagine that we've had more years to share together. Two years ago it wasn't such a sure thing.

I'm thankful for my sweetest SisterM, her hubby G, and my babies J & Z. (But don't tell them I called them babies! At 8 and 6 they think they're grown.)

I'm thankful for my dearest Smockmomma, and the lovely SpecialK, who thought this was a good idea and have contributed so much fun and laughter to my life, on the 'blog, in Women at the Well, and in just plain LIFE! (And a big thank you for the lovely Maria, the other W@W!)

I am more thankful than you can imagine for McKid and her MomS. It has all been grace, though it hasn't always been easy!

I'm thankful for the Inkblots. It started as a reading group and it has turned into a sisterhood of books, love and prayer. You can't ask for more than that.

I'm thankful that I found St. Mary the Virgin. That I converted to Catholicism. That I have a true parish family. I'm thankful for Fr A, Fr C, Jose and Shay and all the people at SMV. Especially the people in my Sunday Bible study group--who have been faithful for so long.

And I'm thankful for this wonderful group of folks whom I've "met" through this blog. People who make me laugh, make me cry, and make me think. If you are reading this, please know that I consider you one of my biggest blessings. Thank you!


i love my mamaT and thank God for her always. i dearly love all of my sisters "at the well."

i am thankful for both of my families, militant and triumphant.

i thank Him from the bottom of my heart for His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

and i am grateful for al gore -- without whom i'd not have all of these wonderful faith-filled blogger brothers and sisters for whom i pray and am prayed for. y'all are the best.

thank y'all and may God bless you and yours.



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