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''Be assured that we shall obtain more grace and merit in
one day by suffering patiently the afflictions that come to us
from God or from our neighbor than we would acquire in ten
years by mortifications and other exercises that are of our
own choice."

St. Francis de Sales


I don't know what prompted you to post that (may God help you in all your necessities), but I want to thank you -- this is something I'd been wondering about for the past few days. ("Do things that just happen to me count as much as if I make a deliberate sacrifice? Hmm, probably not . . . better lay off the chocolate.")

I've thanked St. Francis de Sales, too.

Saying a prayer, for you, MamaT.
And one for Special K.

I needed that.

Just what I needed.....wonder if I have time to print it out and laminate it before I get down to business for the day. :)

I've read that quote before and forgotten I'd better write it backward on my forehead so I see it every morning in the mirror :) or maybe just hang it somewhere prominent.


1 Peter 1:6, MamaT, and if I don't get the chance in a later post, Merry Christmas and God's blessings on your family.



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