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The Summa Mamas discuss childrearing and the weather

Whoooo! It's cold here. Now, I know all you folks who live in the great white north are used to this, but my weather bug on my computer says it is 16 degrees outside right now. Honey, for me that's COLD. Fortunately, no major precipitation.

It always chaps me when people make fun of the way Texans drive on ice. Hey! Get over it! We don't have any experience at it! If you want to deal with people who can drive on ice, move back to Michigan!

Anyway, I'm off to run a 1000 errands in the freezing cold. It'll take hot cocoa to defrost when I get back, I'm sure.


BRRRR, tell me!! It's 12 here! Yikes and the wind chill is zero!!

that sound you hear are my teeth knocking together!! LOL!

Good luck with the errands and the thawing after!

Oh, gosh, honeys! It's -40F here today in the subArctic. No, i'm not joking! Buck up nd be glad you have no idea what ice fog is or looks like. :-)

None whatsoever, Cin, none whatsoever.

It's mid-60s-ish here. I may have to put a sweater on when I go out later. Some seem to be envious of that. But, you know, somehow that's just not right at Christmas. Seems slightly unnatural...Hmmm. . .can nature be unnatural?

Bundle up and Merry Christmas,


We are driving on ice here in Michigan! And we're not complaining about it. But it is warmer here than it is there, so I guess we're even :)

i LOVE this weather!

bring on more snow, please.

Keep warm! (and enjoy the timely weather thrill for what it's worth :) )

The problem with drivers up here (i.e. Chicago/Milwaukee) is that because they may have had a lifetime of winter driving experience (or one the case of the kids in Navigators tearing out of the high school) they can drive just like it is July. Pay no attention to the conditions.....full speed ahead. Aaaargh.

No snow until after Christmas please. I have a ton of driving to do with three little parishes in South Dakota and I am a Texan. Trust me; Texan's on ices is no laughing matter. I do have a new 4wd but I put lots of times between masses. Before Monday I will have to have driven close to 800 miles. So if the snow and ice could come after that...

Here in NH it has been exceedingly weird weather. Today (12/24) in is in the 30s F (0-9 C for you, Cin) and sunny, with no snow left on the ground most places. Last night as we were driving home around 7 PM is was torrential rain, such that I feared I was going to hydroplane the car. Monday was snow everywhere. I wish it would make up its mind. I prefer white to wet Christmas, but it is at this time of year that I most miss Southern California.
I wonder what the weather will be for Midnight Mass?



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