Oh, that McKid!

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You know that you always have to worry more about toddlers when you AREN'T hearing them.

Yesterday morning, I had 3 phone calls right in a row. And it got awfully quiet.

Hung up the phone, started looking through the house.

The door to my bedroom is closed. That's a bad sign. Last time that happened, I opened it to find that McKid had used my Tiffany perfume as air freshener.

And one dog is missing.

Uh Oh.

Opened the door, fearing the worst. There is the McKid, using my hairbrush to brush the dog. MaggieDog looks at me with the most pitiful eyes: "Save me, save me. Please save me."

Because around her neck is a beautiful shell necklace. And in the fur along her back a collection of lovely barrettes. Sparkle flower barrettes.

"McKid, what on earth are you doing?"

"Mama! We're playing Dog Show!"

And MaggieDog takes that opportunity to make a dash for it, sprinkling barrettes in her wake.

Can't say I blame her.


I love the image of "sprinkling barrettes in her wake."

What a good, good dog!

hehe!! Too funny. I like pets being tortured (harmless by a child torture that is) stories.



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