Friday Feast, ya'll

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When was the last time you did something you would consider courteous, what was it, and who was it for?

If you were to have a painting done of you alone, what would you want the background to be?

Describe your voice.

Main Course
What is something you would like to do, but you're afraid of the risk(s)?

What was the last television show you watched?

I'll answer in the comments boxes with ya'll!


Courteous? I stopped by my mom's house and brought in her mail and paper, and fed her dogs, so she wouldn't have to do it.

Painting background? A crocheted afghan.

My voice? Texas accent. Too babyish sounding. Nasal-ish.

Afraid of risk? I would LOVE to hangglide, but I don't see myself running toward a cliff and jumping off!

Last TV show? House Hunters on HGTV.

Courteous? stopped by and welcomed our new neighbors as they were moving in yesterday. i've never actually done that before.

Painting background? i don't get this question.

My voice? Texan through and through, thank God; and, only very slightly marred by eighteen years of smoking -- again, thank God.

Afraid of risk? well, speaking of...sometimes i'd really like to just light one up, but i'd have to run out and buy a whole carton by the next morning so it isn't worth it.

Last TV show? a biography on king solomon on a&e.


I apologized to the salesgirl at Calloways for talking on my cell while she checked me out - but then I shouldn't have been talking on it in the first place, so this doesn't count, does it?

My garden

Pure Louann Platter, but smarter. I've told internet friends that if they could actually hear me, they'd never take anything I said seriously again.

Go on a really long retreat. The risk would be the changes it might incur.

I cannot tell a lie: The Knot's Landing Reunion, though I never watched the show.

I LOVE Louann Platter!!! That means you don't sound so different from the Mamas!

Native Texan, as ya'll are, I imagine.

Mama T- I must tell you how I love your voice. I'm always happy when you say the intercessory prayers at Mass. It's distinct, not nasalish!

courteous and for whom? a lady was in friday, and in a conversation i overheard, was describing my husband's pumpkin soup and how much she loved it. the previous day's soup was butternut squash and since he makes it in a similar way (roasts the squash first like he does the pumpkin), i got a take-out bowl of it and put it in a bag for her to take with her for lunch :) (she was tickled...)

painting of me alone (which would be miraculous b/c i don't even like having my picture taken) - stained glass

my voice? deep and raspy - think brenda vaccaro. seriously. i am told it is very distinct.

afraid of risk? ride on the back of a harley going really, really fast (and yes, it must be a harley-davidson motorcycle...)

last television show i watched? the holiday cake bake-off on the food network; "it's a wonderful life" was the movie i just watched b/c i am sick as a dog.

courteous: held the door for a young mother with her arms full of two small boys.

background: snowcovered mountains at sunrise

voice: different accent for wherever I am (by-product of living many places and having a southern papa and a northern mama), but moderately pitched with an undertone that hints of laughter.

afraid of risk: Go on a camping trip all my myself

last TV show: Extreme Home Makeover...the only show I watch, and it makes me proud to be an American.



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