It's raining, it's pouring, MamaT is going crazy....

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Yep, we're having what I consider the very worst weather. Cold and rainy. Yuck. Cold and clear? Can be beautiful. Cold and snowy? I'm sure a pain, but down here we have an excuse for not getting out and about--"Can't you see it's snowing? I can't drive in this!" But cold and just rain? You've gotta get out and do your normal stuff, all the while brandishing a largely ineffective umbrella (my pants' legs still get wet) or wearing a raincoat, which I cannot stand and makes me feel HOT, even when it's cold. And let's not talk about my wet socks. Let's just don't.

Besides, it's depressing looking a dull grey skies some more. Even the Zman came out and said, "Well, I'm starting to understand why people who live in Seattle kill themselves." And then he went back into his cave.

I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep. Which, of course, I can't because I have to go to the post office, the gas station, the drug store, etc. At least I went to the grocery store earlier.

Yes, I'm being a whiner.

But I know, I just know that I would be so much happier, so much happier if I could just have these to slosh through puddles with:


Think PapaC'll go for it?

Me neither.


And you would be in the height of coolness. I have it on good authority from Hannah that rainboots are "in." :-D



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