Fine Art Friday - Just Pedalin' Along Edition

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Much sweat and tears, though no blood yet (by the grace of God), are being spent around here trying to teach McKid to ride a bike with training wheels. So today's Fine Art Friday seemed obvious. When I typed "bicycle" into the search engine, lots of lovely images came up, but I was especially intrigued by the vintage ads:

I love this one! Red hair, Art Noveau/Deco-ish. Lovely!

The most charming of the advertisements--and one that doesn't rely on sex to sell the bike.

Crescent moons and bicycles? Who knew?

Zman doesn't like this one, but I like it a lot.
This one looks like Cirque Soleil, doesn't it?

Oops! Nekkid lady plus bicycle. Sex has sold for a long time!

Fairies and bicycles?

Oh, look, honey! We've bicycled up the Alps! And it was so easy!

I do not think this woman has a bicycle on her mind. Do you?

This next image is just a tad naughty. But I laughed out loud when I saw it. Something we all need!


When was the last time you rode a bike? Get out there and try!


I just love the second poster!

oops. guess i'd have to keep these covers out of the house, too!

Ireland, 1997. It was a blast, cycling along the Western Coast.

And those are images that need to find a home on our walls.



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