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Do you get on a roll when you read, so that one book leads to the next, which leads to the next, and so on and so on?

I don’t so much mean something like reading a series from beginning to end, but, say, a string of books that all take place in Paris. Or that have anthropologists as the main character. Or were written in the same year. Something like that… Something that strings them together in your head, and yet, otherwise could be different genres, different authors…

I try NOT to do this, although last year, or maybe the year before, I got on a real jag of Indian books. I read enough stuff set in India that I was worn out by the end of my journey.

This past summer I read many Agatha Christie books, and it was good. One of my good book group pals, Ann, reads the book of the month plus all the other books by that author she can get her hands on via the library. She has more time to read than I do, and she is probably a faster reader than I am as well. I've always been tempted to read all of a beloved author's works at one go, but I tend to like to ration them out like bon-bons.

What about you???


I went on an India jag a few years ago after watching The Jewel in the Crown series on PBS. More recently, I went on a mini Margery Allingham jag after picking up a couple of her books from the communal bookshelves at our family cottage. I feel a Mordecai Richler jag coming on (great Canadian author) as I just read "The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz" to help my 16 yo with English Lit and I have a pack of his books in my home library.

Too bad I can't knit and read at the same time!



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