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contrary to popular belief, mamaT has not disappeared into the ether. she is alive and well. in fact, we just had a summa mama date night last friday. we went to see lars and the real girl and then out to dinner.

lars is probably one of the most deeply moving movies i've seen in ... oh ... the past decade. the absurdity of the premise -- a delusional young guy strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the internet -- implies comedy. but if that's all you are expecting, you're in for a big surprise. oh sure, we laughed, but i think mamaT and i cried more. this movie has a huge heart and the characters are so lovable. so lovable in fact, i'd take any one of them for my own family.

the miracle of the movie is ryan gosling (who is an absolute doll himself). i cannot imagine this character working in the hands of any other actor.

doing a little research i found that the story was written by former "six feet under" writer nancy oliver. i loved "six feet under" and hope to see ms. nancy doing much more in the future.

two words from the smock: pure genius.

Additional two cents from MamaT:

Neither Smock nor I can talk about this movie without choking up. So I'll just say this: Ryan Gosling is fabulous in this movie. In a time of fragmentation and darkness in our society, it is a story about community, family and the power of love. It is, above all, a kind movie--a trait that people are far too quick to blow off as sentimentalism or weakness. It is neither. And if it never comes to a theater in your area, rent it when it comes out on DVD. I will.


Can't wait to see it.
(Can I assume you think the doll is a better performer than Demi Moore? :) )

oh my, oh my, the doll is sooooo much better than demi or deh-me or ... whatever.



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