Pretty Shoe, er BOOT, Tuesday


Today is the day for Pretty Shoes, but since I've just come back from spending a week out in South Dakota and Wyoming, I thought I'd break the tradition just a little, and make today all about that iconic footwear: the cowboy boot. But don't call 'em "cowboy boots" if you want to fit in with the guys who actually wear 'em (i.e. most of the guys in my family). They're just "boots". What other kind could there be?

Anyway, after my Coach bag (which I received as a gift this past fall), the leather thing I would like most to own is a pair of Lucchese boots. They start around $500, and go up (rapidly in some cases), based on the skins used and the quality of those skins. Nope, there's no such thing as vegan Luccheses.

Now, if you want to be taken seriously, don't buy these. They're pretty, but I've never seen any real cowgirl wear anything like these. But if you want to look like a country western singer, you could try 'em:


For a more traditional look (and remember, some boots are quite flashy), you could try these. They might be a little too "Dallas Cowboy-y", but I like 'em anyway:


If those aren't your style, try these red ones with black stitching. Guns up, Raider fans! You know who you are!


But, of course, we had to have Summa boots! I adore these and would buy 'em in a heartbeat if I had the change in my pocket. Probably a good thing I don't, huh?


And finally, my pick of the week. I want these so badly my teeth hurt!


Happy Tuesday, ya'll!



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