Pretty Shoe Tuesday

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OK, there is nothing I like better than gray shoes. I think it goes back to when I first got out of college and went to work. I bought a pair of Pappagallo gray suede pumps, and ya'll, I thought I was the classiest broad in the accounting firm.

Then one of my dogs chewed up ONE of the shoes.


I would have been better if he had chewed up both of them. But to sit and hold one perfectly lovely pump in one hand and a chewed up drippy mess of a shoe in the other? It was enough to make me weep.

I no longer weep over shoes.

But I'd buy these in a heartbeat:


The next pair of shoes is by a company, Irregular Choice, whose shoes I detest. Well, every time but this time. Either my standards are slipping or they are getting better. Or maybe it falls into the "even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while" category. But I do like these:


Then, of course, I had to end with the most "Summa" shoes I could find, and here are this week's contenders, both by a company called "Betseyville". Related to Betsey Johnson? Probably. But we'd look smashing, darlings, in these:



Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


okay, the pink power pumps are totally on my birthday wish list. hint. hint.

Me too, me too!!



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