The Littles

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Baby C is 7 months old and has had a crazy couple of months. She started sitting, crawling, talking and eating solids (in that order) all in the past 4-5 weeks. So much fun and so busy! I'm finding #3 to be the baby where you relax at last.

Here I give you She Bends It Like Beckham:

JS started kindergarten this year. I cannot believe my baby is reading, writing, sassing me. All these very grown up things. You hear people tell you when you're expecting your first how fast they grow up, not that I didn't believe it, but was unprepared for just HOW fast.


JA will be 3 on All Saints. He is my saint. No terrible twos with this guy. He's really into trucks, robots and has the cutest voice in el mundo.


Sorry about the giantness of these. I'm hopeless technology wise!


those are MY godchitlins! aren't they TOO TOO adorable?



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