Cardinal Egan, GREAT JOB!


And you can read what he wrote HERE.

My favorite parts?

But you might protest that all of this is too easy. Why, you might inquire, have I not delved into the opinion of philosophers and theologians about the matter? And even worse: Why have I not raised the usual questions about what a "human being" is, what a "person" is, what it means to be "living," and such? People who write books and articles about abortion always concern themselves with these kinds of things. Even the justices of the Supreme Court who gave us "Roe v. Wade" address them. Why do I neglect philosophers and theologians? Why do I not get into defining "human being," defining "person," defining "living," and the rest? Because, I respond, I am sound of mind and endowed with a fine set of eyes, into which I do not believe it is well to cast sand. I looked at the photograph, and I have no doubt about what I saw and what are the duties of a civilized society if what I saw is in danger of being killed by someone who wishes to kill it or, if you prefer, someone who "chooses" to kill it. In brief: I looked, and I know what I saw.

And then this:

However, we must not stop here. The matter becomes even clearer and simpler if you obtain from the National Geographic Society two extraordinary DVDs. One is entitled "In the Womb" and illustrates in color and in motion the development of one innocent human being within its mother. The other is entitled "In the Womb--Multiples" and in color and motion shows the development of two innocent human beings--twin boys--within their mother. If you have ever allowed yourself to wonder, for example, what "living" means, these two DVDs will be a great help. The one innocent human being squirms about, waves its arms, sucks its thumb, smiles broadly and even yawns; and the two innocent human beings do all of that and more: They fight each other. One gives his brother a kick, and the other responds with a sock to the jaw. If you can convince yourself that these beings are something other than living and innocent human beings, something, for example, such as "mere clusters of tissues," you have a problem far more basic than merely not appreciating the wrongness of abortion. And that problem is--forgive me--self-deceit in a most extreme form.

Go read the rest. I got it courtesy of Bill Luse's site, Apologia. (#1 on our links, and always will be!)

Hurray for this. Our bishops in Fort Worth and Dallas also wrote a letter on abortion and voting and had it distributed to all the parishes to be read and/or handed out.

Teach it, fathers! Preach it. Live it.

Who cares what the world thinks? They'll never like us anyway. It's a fools game to try.

I suppose that, like Chesterton, I am a cheerful pessimist. Sometimes I have to work on that cheerful part.

But it makes me feel better to see the shepherds leading.

The right way.



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