Fine Art Friday - the LaMa edition

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Herewith, five images for FAF of LaMa's patroness:

I especially like this image of the Magdalene, before conversion. Don't her eyes look tired?

Mary Magdalene Before Her Conversion
James Tissot

I had never seen this image before, but I love it. Love the angle the artist used. Love the light. Love the skull.

Mary Magdalene with a Night Light
Georges LaTour

This was the image I was most struck by this week when I was researching what to put up here for FAF. It is very different, and I love the fabric.

St. Mary Magdalene Approaching the Sepulchre
Giovanni Sovoldo

OK, you didn't think I could do a series of religiously themed paintings without my beloved Caravaggio, now did you? Seriously?

The Penitent Mary Magdalene

And finally, one of those paintings I love because it shows us that the Magdalene speaks to all times and places. A Magdalene with blond hair? Oh, yes. Because there are those of us who were Magdalenes, even though we were fair instead of dark.

Mary Magdalene
Giovanni Bellini

Happy Friday, ya'll!



The LaTour is probably my favorite of this batch. Magdalena's body language and expression slay me, it's her- relatable. I have a card of it stuck in my vanity mirror. The Tissot is stunning, I'd never seen it before. Really, they're all stunning. Bravo.



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