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Heard the author, Piers Paul Read, interviewed yesterday on a talk radio show as I was out running errands. The book sounds good, and is available from Ignatius Press. There is also a website for The Death of a Pope.

And here's the review that will make me want to read it:

If you love the Catholic Church, you will probably love this book whether or not you love a good story. If you love a good story, you will probably love this book whether or not you love the Catholic Church. But if you love both the Church and a good story, you will certainly love this book.
-- Peter Kreeft, author, Because God is Real

Anyone read any of his other stuff?

Edited to add: I finally figured out what I had read that he had written! Alive--the book about the survivors of the plane crash in the Andes! Thank heavens. Now it won't rattle around in my head all day.


I really liked this. Good pacing, quick thriller plot but with a bit of meat to chew on. I loved the ending.

Made me want to go read Alive. I think you'll enjoy.



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