Things to think about Thursday

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As a mom who raised a boy, I heartily agree with this article over at Touchstone by one of my "yes I'm happily married, but you're fabulous" crushes, Anthony Esolen.

It occurs to me, finally, that everything I have heard for thirty years now about how we all want men and boys to express their feelings has been a bald lie. The last thing we want is that men and boys express their feelings. They may, if they wish, express feelings of weakness: They may cry, if they like, or be afraid, or look to their mothers for comfort.

They may not, however, show anger or indignation; they may not exult; they may not be proud of their masculinity. As for their need, emotional more than intellectual but surely both, to work with other boys or with men at something they can take pride in -- and their fear of humiliation or embarrassment before their more articulate sisters -- well, those on the left sneer and those on the right cough and look the other way.

Amen, brother. Amen.


Thanks for the heads-up. (I, too, have one of those brain-crushes on dear Mr Esolen :) )



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