Fine Art Friday

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Continuing last week's theme of looking at pictures with images of work in and around the house, I decided to pick "knitting" this week. There weren't as many images as I had thought there would be over at But here are the ones that caught my eye:

The first from one of my favorite painters, Bougeureau. How can you not love her beautiful skin and her bare feet?


Knitting Girl
William Bouguereau

Next, a woman knitting in the midst of other work. I forget that what I do for a hobby once had to be done "for real"--to have warm clothes or socks. Rather than an enjoyment it would have be another "to do". I don't know what she's knitting, but she's using 3 needles, like you do for socks. Maybe a sweater?


Shepherdess Knitting
Jean Francois Millet

Then this painting because I love the composition of it, with the slash of blue of her apron running across the image, and the still counterpoint of her white head covering. The gray/blue in the background is lovely, too.


A Young Scheveingen Woman Knitting
Vincent Van Gogh

I love photography, and this photo caught my eye. Not least because it reminds me, just a little, of a Summa meeting where knitting has broken out:


Showgirls Knitting
No artist credit

And finally, a vintage illustration, just because I love them:


New Year's Baby, 1916
Joseph Leyendecker

Happy Friday, ya'll!


LOVE THESE. my favorite is the millet. that lamb in the brush...

smock is the one with the hat !

OMG, i was just about to leave the comment ... "i get to be the gal in the back with the fabulous hat." lamama, you know me oh too well!



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