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I had this song in my head today. We all packed up early and spent most of it swimming and picnicking at the lake in honor of my Mom's birthday. Life has been all summer lately; water, grass, sports, summer garden goodies, cold liquidy goodies, piling on the bed in the dark in the middle of the day to watch bad Netflix Instants. My boys are on a Gene Wilder kick. Also, on a Roald Dahl kick which led to the Gene Wilder kick. We finished our C.S Lewis trek and have began Dahl with Charlie and the Chocolate factory, then the Enormous Crocodile, now James and the Giant Peach and Matilda on deck. They get to watch the movie version after finishing a book. Wilder was so adored in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that we showed them Young Frankenstein. I've never seen my Jacob laugh so hard. And luckily the racy bits went over him. I'm pretty sure. The drawback is now it's hilarious to smack your plate at dinner and yell loudly "SEE!! THERE!! I'm touching my food!!" Ahh well.

I digress and ramble. Summer Skin:


Oh, my gosh. Young Frankenstein is one of the almost completely memorized movies at our house.

Anytime something bad happens, someone in our family will pipe up, "Well, could be worse. Could be raining."

"Were Wolf?"

"There Wolf!"

Oh, no. Don't get me started. Genius from start to finish.

And you should see Ms. Sherman's version of the monster singing "Puttin' On the Ritz"!



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