Pretty Pattern Tuesday

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I've never crocheted any clothing, other than shawls which aren't constructed in any way--no sleeves, or stuff like that.

I think this would be an excellent first project. Don't you think McKid needs a pink camo hoodie? So do I!


This one is a free pattern from Bernat, and is made out of their Pink Camoflauge yarn, which I happen to know they have at Hobby Lobby. AND I have to go to Hobby Lobby later this week to get the next few balls of yarn to work my 2009 Crochet A Long Block a Month Afghan. So, do you think I should get the yarn and make this for McKid?

Of course you do!

Happy Tuesday, ya'll!


yes, if fact I do think so!

Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place. I can only go alone, at night, with my budgeted cash and sans debit card...



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