Pretty WARM Tuesday Pattern

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Sure, the high is 104 here in humble DFW, but should that keep you from thinking about putting thick, warm woolen hats on people? I say nay.

I'm aiming this year to be one of those obnoxious gals that has their Christmas gift worries over by winter's beginning. This will be a first by a long stretch. I tell myself July is fusing sweet warmth into my homemade mitts, hats and Kahlua that will make them all extra toasty at Navidad.

Here's an ADORABLE hat that I will make with my new crochet skillz:


And a pretty knit cap as well:



Hi- I saw this picture and that you had a link to the pattern. I was going to give the pattern a try but the link is broken and i cannot get the pattern. Can you help? Thanks!

I think this is the link that everyone is looking for. Super cute beanie!!!



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