I almost always choose......

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........not to discuss current events on the blog, being more adequate in discussions of books and crocheting and dog pee than in discussions of politics or current events.

I see myself as a sort of modern day Jane Austen (NOT!) who wrote all her books without ever once mentioning the Napoleonic brouhaha.

However, there comes a time when the stupidity of our culture makes me froth at the mouth and lose my temper. And the whole Roman Polanski being defended by Whoopi Goldberg and Woody Allen (big surprise, there, huh?), et al is on MY LAST NERVE.

What part of pedophilic rapist do people not get? What part of giving a 13 year old drugs and alcohol and raping her--in the face not just of her anguish but in the face of her expressing her rejection of him and the act over and over and over do these people NOT GET?????

As my grandmother would say, I cannot even THINK about this without losing my religion.

Here's something fab to read--and something that I suspect most of you would not think I would read or like. You'd be wrong about that. It's got bad language, so be forewarned. But it's what I would say if'n I weren't a lady. And maybe the time for being a lady is coming to an end. The culture wars are going to require warrior princesses, not handkerchief carrying ladies. Sigh.

Hollywood: It's not rape-rape if someone we LIKE does it!


The whole business is ENRAGING.

And what gall of Hollywood bigwig directors, etc to sign a petition demanding his release. I'm sick of a high-standing in the movie business meaning your opinion has weight with legal issues. NOPE.

Neither does it make it okay to be a massive perv and flee the country.

Off to read the article...

must. . .refrain. . .from commenting. . .or this site will be shut down for excessive use of. . .profanity. . .



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