Be a hero, donate blood, save a life!

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January is National Volunteer Blood Donor Month. We had a blood drive at church today, run by our local blood bank.

I know some folks CAN'T give blood for medical reasons, my DH being one of them. Too many medications after the heart procedures this year! And there are many, many restrictions for folks who have lived in Europe for any extended period (mad cow disease and all that).

But if you can give blood, please do! It's not a good excuse to say you don't like needles. Or the procedure "creeps you out." Come on, folks, you're adults. Get down to your local center and give blood. If one of your children needs it after an accident, you will be down on your knees thanking God that there was someone else who was NOT creeped out or too afraid. Can't you do the same for someone else's child, or husband, or wife, or mother or father?

I got my t-shirt, juice and cookie this morning.

If you're "too afraid" or "don't like needles", I have these blunt words for you: Grow up. Get over it. Do the right thing.


i am not ashamed to admit that i do not like needles. i have had four children (two by c-section), been ripped open and gutted from stem to stern, but i do NOT like needles. so, i can sympathize with people who hate needles. but, i agree with MamaT that it isn't a good reason to skip out on giving blood. of course, that's easy for me to say as i'm not allowed to give blood for other medical reasons! still, if you absolutely cannot give blood, at least drop off a charitable contribution.

Yeah, I found out that I can't give blood because I may have been exposed to Mad Cow Disease. Can you believe that? :: snort::

Excellent exhortation.

I am bummed out because after years of accepting my blood, LifeSource says that a case of hepatitis A in 1976 now disqualifies me. (The bone marrow registry keeps me....go figure) I don't like needles much either, but I always loved giving blood - so effortless, so cheap, so altruistic.....and you get a cookie!

My husband received 9 units of blood during surgery about 8 years ago. So we do know the value of donor blood.

Many thanks to go get your juice and cookies!

I have tried to donate blood on 3 occassions. The first time was because I was in college and was po'. They disqualified me as I was on anti seizure meds at the time. The second time was while I was volunteering at a hospital. I was a vegitarian at the time and my iron count was so low they could not use it. The third time was at one of those mobile blood banks. I made it through the drugs...not ever...I really think it must be easier to adopt a child than to donate blood. Needle goes in, no problems...I sit there for what seems like forever and they come over and tell me that I have clotted and they can't use my blood cause the bag is only half full. Excuse me? If I need blood and there is only half a bag of my type, I would take it. They did give me juice but refused to give me a "I Donated Blood today" pin...I asked if they had any I tried to Donate Blood Today pins. They didn't laugh at all. I have since determined that there is some sort of Illuminati conspiracy to keep me from donating blood, but that could just be my father's genetics talking.

Hey Christian! I know what you mean. I am usually what they call a "slow draw" as well, and I have to pump like h*** on that little ball to keep the blood flowing.

Yesterday, I got done in 7 minutes!!!

It figures that the only skinny part about me would be my VEINS!

I wonder if they would take me? In college I gave often and got my One-Gallon pin. Then came pregnancies and nursing, which disqualified me for a while. Now I'm on some medications, and the last time I made the attempt, my blood didn't have enough iron. The only way to find out is to try, I suppose.

I'm remembering when Cacc and I were courting, and there was a blood drive at St. Mary's in New Haven. He comes from a family that really, really hates needles (one of his sisters in particular), but he was determined to donate. I arranged for us to be on adjacent gurneys, and diverted his mind by advancing some thoroughly scatterbrained theory about a Shakespeare play we'd been reading. He was so much occupied in trouncing this absurd proposition that he didn't feel sick at all. He still doesn't like needles, but he manages very well now, and has donated blood several times.

that's a really sweet story. i like that. and i like that the bard played a significant part, too.

I tried to donate blood for the frist time in December. They told me to come back in 2007 because I had breast cancer in June of 2002. I didn't know cancer kept you off the donor's list.



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