TSO is back from his cruise

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Go here:Video meliora, proboque; Deteriora sequor to read about it.

I'll tease you with one excerpt that made me snort Diet Coke up my nose:

The midnight buffet proves that people crave ritual. How else to explain it? You've eaten 17 meals in 5 days, gone thru 3 packs of Alka Seltzers and yet you line up for a midnight feeding? I don't get it. I can only assume that the very first or second cruise included an ice sculpture as an excuse to eat and every cruise since pays homage to this frozen calf with shrimp cocktail.

Bwaa haaa haaa haaa!

But it's not all meant to be funny--some is serious as well.

Go read it. I'm off to investigate cruise prices.


absolutely wonderful account.

I've been on one cruise - a bunch of us midwives got together and decided to do some continuing education on a cruise ship! We each prepared a one hour talk on a topic (except me, I did 3 because I wanted to practice for a 'real conference'). one of us did the paperwork to get our stuff approved for continuing education. The cruise line gave us the room for the talks (3hours each day at sea, 1 hour in port) and we were off! Tax deductable fun and learning!
Actually, I want to go on the Envoy apologetics cruise some day.

My wife's already talking about a Nov or Dec cruise, this time with my in-laws. Rut row. Appreciate the feedback & link!

Btw, I sold my small amount of BUD (Budweiser) stock today and bought a small amount of RCL (Royal Caribbean). I agree with this guy.



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