Friday Five, Mamas!

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You have just won one million dollars:

1. Who do you call first?

2. What is the first thing you buy for yourself?

3. What is the first thing you buy for someone else?

4. Do you give any away? If yes, to whom?

5. Do you invest any? If so, how?

I'll answer in the comments box with everyone else.


I think this is an interesting question because 1 million dollars is a LOT of money, but not enough money to do EVERYTHING you might ever think of doing--you know, like those people who win the MEGA lotteries and stuff.

I will assume that I get the million tax free--as long as we're dreaming we might as well dream big!

1. I'd call my husband and mom in that order. I assume Zteen is here with me and we would have already jumped up and down about it here.

2. For myself? I'd pay off our house. That's a totally me thing--Then I'd redo my kitchen.

3. I'd buy a nice car for CAS and dump our stupid SUV. Then I would fund Zteen's college education. Numerous other gifts to follow--INCLUDING A CRUISE!!!

4. Most of the rest of the money would be given away. Half a million would secure our parish's future--we'd have a paid for building and parish office!

5. There wouldn't be enough left to invest. Oh, well, CAS would just have to keep on working!

A million free and clear, eh? Sounds good.

My first call would be to my hubby, of course. Community property state, half of it is his anyway. ;-)

The first thing I'd buy for myself? Oh, man. I'd have to say a brand-new 3500 Series Chevrolet truck, 4X4, with the biggest diesel engine, dual rear wheels, a crew cab, and a gooseneck mount to haul trailers. Burgundy red with tan leather interior. With a truck like that, I could rule the world! Okay, maybe not the world, but I could haul trailers with ease, sitting in the lap of luxury.

The first thing I'd buy for someone else, hmm, that's trickier. I'd probably rush out and buy everyone in the house a new wardrobe from head to toe. Then, clothed nicely and riding in style, we could think about what to do next.

Naturally, we'd give a goodly portion to the Church . . . but probably to the diocese's charities rather than to our local parish. The home for unwed mothers, the St Vincent de Paul kitchen for the homeless, the seminary, the retired priests and nuns. They can always use the cash.

Investing, why yes. I'd set up a trust fund for Mere, first of all. $250,000, properly invested, would be an excellent nest egg for whatever care she may need in the future. The rest of the investing would be in the future of the other children . . . land, educations, shop equipment, that kind of thing.

Ahhh, it's nice to dream.

mine is up on my blog
I see that we all think in the same patterns! (big surprise)

1. the hub.
2. momma, like mrs. d, needs a new pair of shoes.
3. edu-ma-cation. (i'd pay the chitlins tuition)
4. first 10% right offa the top goes to God, via our parish of course. i'd give the next 10% to Father -- therefore literally passing the buck to let him dole it out as he sees fit.
5. smockhub is the money man...i assume we'd invest most of it and just use the interest we earned.

1. The investment guy.

2. Mutual funds (or whatever else the investment guy suggests).

3. Yale tuition for the children.

4. Increase donations to Birthright and so on.

5. All of it, in something pretty safe, as advised by the investment guy.

Good one this week!

1. I'd call my parents and let them know that they don't have to worry about me and money anymore. (They are the worrying types.)

2. I'd buy myself a nice log home on a lake somewhere in Maine, not too close to civilization, but not too far from it either. Commuting distance.

3. I'd set up college funds for my infant niece and nephew. Then, I'd get something nice for my parents.

4. My parish would get an endowment from which they could draw the annual interest. I'd also fund some sort of capital project for them, like renovating the chapel or repaving the parking lots.

5. After #2-4, I don't know if there would be much left, but I'd probably put the rest into my retirement account.

1. My mother, then my husband assuming he's at work. Only so that a)it is a great surprise when he gets home and b) so he has time to get over the "take this job and stick it" feeling.

2) GET OUT OF DEBT, then a spa vacation, complete with make-over.

3) I would buy all my girlfriends who sew a nice bernina and for my other girlfriends I would do something similar for their hobbies.

4) The College of St. Thomas More- that is where I truly met my Savior and my husband and made the most meaningful friendships of my life. I totally owe them.

5) Roth IRA's, college IRA's for the kids, and US Bonds for our retirement.

1. My wife, to tell her we just won $500,000.00! (hee hee)

2. A Heckler & Koch Model 21, with detachable drum magazines and all the accessories.

3. A new house for my mother in law.

4. Yep, buy an air conditioning system for my Church.

5. Yeah, sure. The investment guy will do that. But I'm also buying 50k in Krugerrands.



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