It made me laugh!

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I was looking at our website statistics for January (THANK YOU, ALL YOU VISITORS!), and I laughed out loud at some of the search strings that turned us up.

We had a bunch on Fr. Groeschel, which is good.

TWO for diet coke with lime.

AND ONE (but oh, what a big one for our egos!) for : SEXY MAMAS

Yeah, and I bet THEY were surprised when they got here! At least they didn't leave a disappointed comment in the comment boxes!


That was my search. And I wasn't surprised when I got here.

Are you implying you aren't sexy?!?

I think they're implying that it's "ironic" that someone was looking for pornography and wound up on a catholic mommmy weblog of power.

Thank you all, you lovely men!

And Jayson, I LOVE IT! A Catholic mommy weblog of power! Woo Hoo!



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