Hey! Can ya'll hear the banging and hammering?

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.....because my new oven is being installed RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Yee haw!

Now, I'm trying to decide what to bake!


anything that will travel well to my house this wednesday!

I'm jealous! My husband won't let me get a new oven until this old one dies... and it won't die. Why is it my oven will last 20+ years, but my laser printers never hit their second birthdays!!

i have a nice new (used) gas range, but we can't install it until we get a plumber in to do the gas line....i have been cooking on electric for 3 years now and hating it......

Biscuits - definitely biscuits, from scratch.

chuckle... Oh Alicia, I could never go "gas." They just work faster than I do and everything would be a lovely charcoal black!!

I want one of those stove tops that's really smooth and you can wipe down with a cloth and be done with it... no burners for stuff to fall down into. ...sigh any ideas how to kill a 20+ year old dependable electric oven?



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