But why?

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Judge says daughter married to father must live separately

[Begin sarcastic rant here:]

But why??? They LOVE each other. They are COMMITTED to each other. They just want what other people are allowed to have--a monogamous, committed relationship. It's discrimination, that's what it is! It's not FAIR!

[End sarcastic rant]

And the old Mama walks away, shaking her head sadly.......


Unfortunately, in view of recent court decisions, it is very hard to come up with a legal reason why they should not be allowed to do whatever they like. When Sen. Santorum said this was the way things were going, they laughed at him. Pretty soon there will be religious people arguing that this is perfectly acceptable. After all, Lot did it.

"Incestuous marriages are forbidden in all states, in part due to fears about genetic mutation..."
now here's why satan invented voluntary reproductive organ mutilation, er sterilization and surrogate "mothers" who, in cases like this, would come in real handy. next objection?

If special rights are accorded homosexuals and they are allowed to legally marry, then other versions of "marriage" like this sick scenario will start to become more common. All moral apprehensions aside, the legal precedents set by making gay marriage the law of the land will open a HUGE Pandora's Box.



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