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Here is something from this morning's Bruderhof Daily Dig:

Identity Crisis
Johann Christoph Arnold

Our present-day culture rebels against God’s order. We refuse to acknowledge that men and women are different—and that their differences go far beyond biological make-up. And because of it, millions of young people are confused, insecure, and frustrated. We are in the grip of an enormous tragedy, a disaster that threatens the very foundations of our society.

Why should boys be ashamed to become men, and girls to become women? Shouldn’t they be taught to regard these as noble goals—as the purpose for which they were created?

Strangely, many people today seem to feel threatened by God’s order. But if we accepted it, and approached it with awe, rather than rebelled against it, perhaps our youth would not have such difficulties in coming to terms with their identities, and discovering God’s plan for their lives.

Wish I had written that......



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