Smockmomma is a brave lady

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Ya'll might want to pray for Smockmomma and I around 10 or so this morning.

I am taking the McBaby over to her house to play with her youngest G. Smockmomma is a brave, BRAVE lady. Last time Smockmomma dropped in to see me, McBaby tried to KICK G3. She missed, fortunately, but the intent was there!!!!

McBaby is an only child, and when she is with us she shares the house with Zteen and the dogs, neither one of whom is a threat to her. And when we go over to SisterM's house, she is good around my niece and nephew. Well, PRETTY good. But they are a lot older than she is (they are 5 and 7). She loves her Z and J, and I don't THINK she's tried to kick them!

So, Smockmomma is allowing us to use her house and her kiddo as a teaching tool for the McBaby--a tool to learn YOU CAN'T KICK OTHER PEOPLE!

Oh, dear.


we all had a blast!



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