I know Ann Coulter is a bomb-thrower....

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.....and that she's not always funny or useful or whatever, but darn it, sometimes she can write a paragraph that brings you to a full stop in its "rightness". Here is a paragraph from one of her latest columns, writing about the Democratic candidates:

Finally, all the candidates are willing to sell out any of these other issues in service of the secret burning desire of all Democrats: abortion on demand. If they could just figure out a way to abort babies using solar power, that's all we'd ever hear about.


?: What is a URL?

Have fun with Smockmomma. I guess I should write "hope you HAD fun with her"...I was daydreaming about visiting her early this morining...weird, huh?

Check out the wonderful at franciscanfriars.com

Thanks for being fwends!


Grace: It's your website address, if you have one.

Yes, we had a good time. McBaby did not kick her children, Praise God!

Can't wait to quote that to my spousal unit.
Energy issues are the big hot topic at my house.....I am awaiting the day we see a pro-life energy progressive (alternative fuel etc.) Democrat. Or whatever. I don't care what party. Just pro-life and not pro dependency on foreign oil. (I'm not into energy issues - just sick of arguing about them. Though I might order a potato radio for the boys.....of we can afford it - or spare two spuds - with the price of natural gas this winter. :) )



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