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I got Smockmommas coolmoe (as she would say!) banner to work right on the first try this morning!

Woo hoo!

I think our site is looking quite retro-girly with it's pinks and grays and cool banner!


looks totally scrumptious!

oh that looks smashing!

Love the banner. I might have to rethink mine.
The only problem I have is that the calendar is almost unreadable - it might do better with fuschia or black characters instead of white. same for all the white, actually, over on the right column.

I am thinking about using the same color as the top stripe for the lettering on the sidebar. That would probably be enough contrast. Then go to black (or even white) for the hover and clicked color?

Won't have time to do it tonight, though. I've got book club and we're setting our calendar and reading list tonight.

I'll post the reading list tomorrow, and maybe mess with the templates more.

Next challenge? More boxes on the side so we can put in our "Who we Are" info and the link to our store!

Dear Mommas,

As you can imagine, pink just isn't my thing--

but on you all it looks fan TAS tic. Nice look--really like the women up top--not afraid to be women.



Here's a tip, ladies: when adding an IMG tag to a template or a post, always specify the width and height of the image in pixels. As an example, I've added
width="508" height="117"
to the IMG tag for the banner, where it appears in the "Main Index Template".

This info tells the user's browser how much screen space to allocate to the image, even before the GIF file is received from the web server. It lets the browser "render" the page on-screen faster, and the difference is especially noticeable for dial-up users.

I get it, but in this case, Smockmomma sent me the stuff with no measurements.

How do I determine what they are so that I can put them in the img dealie (like that technical term, RC? Img dealie? Woo!)

right-click the picture and select "Properties". You can also open the picture in any image-editing program and find the dimensions that way. When you upload the picture, MT usually gives you the dimensions at some point in the process. In fact, at the end MT gives you the whole IMG tag, and can even put it in a post for you

I have a primer on IMG tags in the first email I sent y'all via the Smock.



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