you yeasty mongrel-hearted deathtoken

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considering my newfound affinity for shakespearean cursing, i think it only fair that i make sure to point you to a more educational resource for things shakespearean. you will find such a place at opensourceshakespeare, where you can look up shakespeare stuff until the toad-spotted pigeon-suckers come home.
oh! and an added bonus: the site is the brainchild of the very sexy and talented mr. eric johnson -- who like smock's hubby served in a gulf war, as a Marine no less, and not only understands but also appreciates mr. bill. mymymy, all that and Catholic, too? how incredibly fortunate the fair mrs. johnson!


Mrs. Johnson is not nearly so lucky as Mr. Johnson, who has Mrs. Johnson.

from the title to the final period, an inimitable way with words.

thank you, my faithful mr. luse. your felicitous words are as sweet as precious-juiced flowers.

Ooooh... I have a poster of Shakespearean insults on my wall. My friends and I like to use them to greet each other on the phone.



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