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Here's a link to our new neighbor at St. Blog's: Paul Rex's Rex Olandi, Rex Cledendi.

Hi Paul, and welcome. Sit a spell and have a chat!


I thought the expression was Rex orandi, rex credendi.

it's actually lex orandi lex credendi. paul rex, the blogs author, explains his play on words.

So I recollected. It's what Cacciaguida, who is inclined to be severe, calls "Oh, you mean like a joke, except not funny." I'm extremely peevish at the moment toward self-described Catholics - none of the Summas, I know - who are jumping on the bandwagon and trying to make a huge scandal out of the misunderstanding about the Holy Father's offhand remark after viewing "The Passion". I'll make a present of another Latin tag - this one with all the letters in the correct places - to anyone who feels similarly inclined to hammer the Vatican: Ubi Petrus ibi ecclesiam. But I know you're not of their number.

of course, sometimes i'm just clueless, period; but, i'm really clueless on this one, mrs. d.

You, clueless? Well, that's not true for a start. There's a big fuss about it on Mark Shea's blog. I'm sorry; I don't know why I should dump my annoyance off in your comments boxes, when you aren't to blame for any of it.

Ecclesia, Elinor. It's nominative.

I think you're mistaken about that, but it's not a matter of great moment.

would somebody mind translating that for me? thanks.


Basically, "Where Peter is, there is the Church"

thanks, MamaT.



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