Oh, good one, Mr. Hiss!

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Cruising through the blogs on a Friday night (don't tell me I don't have an exciting life!) I came across this on Otto-da-Fe:

Moving in for the cheap shot...

"And yet that good Catholic schoolboy inside me is saying, 'You know, this life is not about being honored with golden statues.'"
ŚMichael Moore, on his need to vent at the Oscars (AP, 24 January, 2004).

First, that little Catholic schoolboy is right, Mr. Moore. Second, you shouldn't have eaten him.


Oh, TSO, I'm making a nomination for your best of the week roundup!


Hysterical!!! :)
(And I won't even stoop to a low comment, like Mr. Moore looks like he could have eaten a boy or a small horse.)

Fat jokes are unchristian, and they hurt my feelings, even if they're not directed at me. Please be more careful with what you say. If you have an important point, make it, but do not attack a man for his health problems. That is rude.

Maybe she was referring to the ravenous ferocity with which he attacks those who disagree with him, such as overweight Catholic moms, of whom there are a few in St Blogs, all of whom are intelligent, sexy, and able to take a joke.

I can take a joke too, but I'm long past thinking that fat people are objects of comic relief. I'm no fan of Moore either, but speaking as an overweight Catholic boy, I just don't find making fun of another person's appearance as funny.



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