The difference....

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.....between being 18 months old and 47 years old is this:

If you are 18 months old, washing dishes by hand is fun, because there are bubbles to play with. If you are 47, it is a pain, because you stayed out too late last night, you are sleepy and your back hurts.

If you are 18 months old, scrubbing the tub is fun because there's WATER! EVERYWHERE! MAKING BIG SPLASHES! If you are 47, it is a pain, because you can't get the gunk off your ancient tub and even after you finish it still looks kinda grubby.

If you are 18 months old, dusting if fun because you get to use a blue furry thing with lots of static electricity in it. It twirls cool, too, flinging the sopped up dust EVERYWHERE! If you are 47, dusting just makes you sneeze.

So, guess who had a better time this morning? McBaby or me?


what does it cost per hour to rent the mac? g3 isn't quite interested in playing "fun with household chores" yet.

Boy is that the truth!

Gotta tap into my inner 18 month old.
(Or even my inner 18 year old...she found household duties more amusing than this 48 year old does. :) )



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