Tweaked the template colors AGAIN

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We had gotten a few complaints that there was not enough contrast in the colors I had used on the sidebar.

Keeping with our retro theme, I decided to clean it up a little, and use pink (both shades), black and white only. I do think it looks neater. Don't you?

And an aside to Peony (who has been a LOT of help in this transition--standing ovation to her from me!)--I HAD to use just a little pink type! But I kept it at a minimum!

Now, except for adding a few things to our sidebar--our "Who we Are" and links to our webstore I think I'm about done with this FOR NOW.


You'll get no complaints from me, the touch of pink type is cute! It looks nice, I like the color scheme.

The pink with black and white is great!
Very pleasing to the eye......(and pleasing to read, as usual)

Swell! The new site looks great. I love the retrodelic vibe.

my poor ancient eyes thank you
but with the pink and black you need a graphic of a poodle skirt, no?

Looked good before. Looks better now. G'nite :)

Looks good, guys. Gals.



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