What I know about the Pickering appointment?

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

However, when I pick up the paper and see that the following groups and/or people are absolutely incensed by it:

Hillary Clinton
People for the American Way
Planned Parenthood

It makes me sure that it is a very good thing indeed.

Sometimes you don't have to know the issues, you just have to know your foes.

(And p.s. I'm not usually so uninformed about issues. Really!)


Eh, nothing suprises me about these groups. They are idiots as can be seen by visiting their websites. NOW gets involved in the most idiotic ideologies. I think that if more women knoew how bizzare they have become in recent years, they would not be so supportive of them. Lesbian deserve rights...fine, men who want to become women deserve rights...fine, women have the right to their own bodies...uh, okay, women should not be legally entitled to get silicone breast implants...uh, didn't you just say that women have the right to their own bodies? Women and men should be equals...fine, I will throw you a bone, Women and men cannot be equals when it comes to so called Father's Rights... didn't you just say that men and women should be equal? And to wrap them up...They "Salute Carol Mosley Braun's historic bid for the White House." Hello...Libbie Dole...remember her...oh wait, she was a pubbie and apparently you can't be historic if you ran as a pubbie.
Oh, and Planned Parenthood has a comic to teach kids how to say no to sex....reads like a Chick Tract...hee. PP is also concerned about girls not getting birth control because they are scared of a pelvic exam. Now this is a question for the ladies...a pelvic scares you, but a horny teenage boy doesn't? Having been a horny teenaged boy in the distant past, I really think you should be more afraid of those...the doctor isn't going to tell all his friends about you in the lockerroom.

In a nutshell, Charles Pickering was a nominee for an federal judgeship whose appointment was repeatedly blocked because the Democrats thought he was too conservative, especially on social issues like abortion. Good ole' W. did an end-run around them though!

They are so..........well, let's just say that I would be suspicious of agreeing with them on anything down to (and including, because they would pervert it somehow) "People need oxygen to live."

Yeah, if they hate it, it must be GOOD.



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