Academy Awards

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The smock did pretty well picking the awards over on Popcorn Critics-- I think she just missed one (the one her girl Renee Zelwegger won!). I was pretty much bored by the whole thing--I got alot of crocheting done.

I really watch for the clothes! There is, deep within my casually dressed soul, a lover of the glamour dress. There were a lot of them to like tonight! I thought most of the women were dressed in "old-time Hollywood glamour" style, and it was nice.

Well, except for that weird Uma Thurman. What is UP with her? And, of course, Diane Keaton. But then we expected that.

Best dress? Charlize Theron. Second best? Catherine Zeta Jones, who could make a potato sack look good. Worst that wasn't glaringly awful (like Uma's)? Jamie Lee Curtis. The color was just TOO bright. But that necklace! Yee haw!

It was great to see so many well dressed, well coifed girly girl looking women. Big change from years past. No messy hair, no "cutting edge" fake fashion. A successful night for the dressers and personal assistants.

And only a couple of mild political comments. I was happily surprised by that.

The wrong song won for best song--that award was given just to honor Annie Lennox, not for the song itself, otherwise one of the songs from Cold Mountain would have won. Probably should have been Scarlet River, but my favorite was My Ain True Love. And Allison Krause rules. I thought it was a stitch that the song from A Mighty Wind was nominated--and performed by the actors!


yes, lovely girly girls, but i disagree about theron's dress. the monster was waaay too bronze -- looked like she was trying to take oscar's place.

Dear Terry,

I don't know about Jamie Lee's dress, but her loving tribute to her husband won the evening hands-down for me. There are few in Hollywood that even acknowledge the who and the what of spousedom, so to hear her say wonderful things about the film because of her husband was utterly delightful to my ears. (Besides that she's written some wonderful books for those of us with adopted children. AND she was absolutely fantastic in Freaky Friday, and perhaps in a different year would have merited a nod for the performance.

Oh, I could go on and on about Jamie Lee. Oh, and you're absolutely right about Catherine Zeta-Jones--she could make a burlap bag chic.



The fashion is the biggest reason I watch all these shows. I will post my full fashion review on our blog later. Offhand I remember that Nicole Kidman looked great and Catherine Zeta-Jones looked beautiful as usual. Oh, and Sandra Bullock looked absolutely fabulous! Haven't seen her look that good in a while.


Eugene Levy cracks me up. The more I think about the character if Mitch, the funnier he becomes.

Elizabeth: If Nicole Kidman gets any thinner, though, they are going to have to just draw her in--she won't exist in reality. Even my husband noticed that! "What's wrong with HER? Been sick or something?"

Steven: I love Jamie Lee Curtis, too, and loved her tribute to A Mighty Wind (which was a funny, funny movie). I think she's drop dead gorgeous, and had her dress been not quite so ELECTRIC, she would have been a princess!

Catherine Zeta-Jones makes pregnancy look elegant!

it's a shame she refused to nurse because she wanted to get her figure back for her, husband.



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