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Smock! See, she's doing that looking down thing again!!!!! Make her stop!!!!!

(where would you have her look? the audience is downstage from her.)

Congrats..your girl looked lovely.

Did you hear my scream from the East side of Fort Worth. Yes I knew it was inevitable but was still watching anyway. I'm sure you noticed her "aw shucks" look right after they announced her name. She went on and on, the only people she didn't thank were the New Zealanders. Maybe I'll be able to watch her again now that she's got the Oscar and won't have to "act" to get one.

Her dress was pretty, or maybe it's that she's looked so bad at the other awards shows recently.

boy, the smell of sour grapes is getting pretty overwhelming 'roundchere! careful now. i may hafta do a little housecleanin'.

I was happy to see her win, especially after she clearly got robbed last year when she was nominated for Chicago!



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