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...with this man, he is taking his life in his hands even titling this article this way!

Why Catholic Schools Don't Matter



To a certain extent. The Catholic schools are often better than the public schools, but when it comes to sacramental preparation and general religious formation it is a difficult task for the school to provide what is not already being given at home. Just as a parent should not totally delegate the responsibility of their children's growth in literacy to the school, they should not turn to the school for total religious formation.

I may be a bit prickly, too, having talked with religious educators who feel that I may be qualified to prepare other people's children for their first Holy Communion through CCD but I should not be trusted to do the same with my own children. Ugh.

That means all the time, money and effort poured into the parochial school, the Catholic high school and the CCD program, all of it is money poured down a rat-hole if adults, if parents, are not taught the Faith. Agree, agree, agree!

that is exactly why at my children's school faith formation classes are not taught. i've actually heard parents complain and i've made no bones about asking them "why should they do your most important job?" that stumps 'em every time.

Wow. Ellyn. What you said. And Smockmomma too.

The same author has posted a new article here: (also found at st. blogs). It talks about the good side of Catholic education.
I actually know this guy from college. I dated his brother-in-law for a long time. Great family.
There is also a brother in Dallas who is expecting child #8 in the next couple weeks.



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