Korea has "won" the race

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How many five-dollar words does it take to turn an evil into a good for society?

The allusiveness of this manipulation of the language is mind boggling. I am now rarely surprised at how much mileage is gained from the misplaced compassion camp.

I mean these are the....


Guaranteed to give you guilt free research you gluttons hunger for...as if it were even possible to take a step down from the basal citizenship of the embryo itself!

And on the horizon..............

what monsters we are for merely questioning the authority of the powers that be.

I mean it's "real people" Like Michael J. Foxx in the forefront of our cultural consciousness -vs- a mere belief system.


The irony? Researchers have not been able to use embryonic stem cells for the alleviation of diseases yet. There is a 100% failure rate, yet the media continues to tout this new technology. Adult stem cells (found in fat stores, umbilical cords, etc), that do not require the death of a human embryo, have been found effective, yet this is ignored by media reporting. Read this quote carefully to see what I mean: "If further experiments find a way turn the embryonic stem cell into replacement tissues, diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson's disease, which are caused by mutated cells, could be cured." That is a pretty big IF, and our children continue to die. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for Us.


That indeed is a BIG "if."



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