Friday Five Mamas!

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I think this one is kind of lame, but here goes:

When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor?

2. ...went to the dentist?

3. ...filled your gas tank?

4. enough sleep?

5. ...backed up your computer?

I'll post in the comment boxes with you!


1. Doctor? About 18 months ago. Last year I spent too much time at doctors and hospitals with DH to have time left over for me.

2. Dentist? About the same. Time to call and make an appointment!

3. Filled up with gas? Last week sometime. The good thing about driving the bug is that it is cheap on gas. Plus, I've not been driving much.

4. Got enough sleep? Last night, actually. I made myself turn the lights off at 10:30. That's rare.

5. Backed up my computer? Never. That's DH's job. Probably WAY too long ago.

1. Doctor: a month ago.

2. Dentist: 2 weeks ago. (Before that, it had been a couple years for each!)

3. A week ago. I try to run it as far as I can, then let somebody else fill it!

4. Last night--usually every night. Sleep is the one area I never scrimp on!

5. I copy things like term papers onto diskettes, but backing up the whole hard disk is my husband's domain, too.

1. ...went to the doctor? HAHA So long I couldn't even tell you. Uhm I brought the boys within the past month or so though.

2. ...went to the dentist? November

3. ...filled your gas tank? A few weeks (I let(make) J do it most of the time)

4. enough sleep? Another "HAHA"

5. ...backed up your computer? It's been wayyyy too long. Actually I don't think I've ever done it. Jas may have though.

1) March, 2001. Acid reflux diagnosed, prescribed Prevacid. Changed career path after 9/11 and the acid reflux went away.

2) Spring, 1998. Porcelain cap on central left top incisor had chipped, needed replacement. Replacement has since chipped also.

3) Two weeks ago, I believe.

4) Night before last.

5) Hah!!! I haven't been to a dentist in almost 6 years. You think I back up my computer???

1. Last month...13 lbs heavier than I thought!!!
2. Last summer...root canal!!!
3. Twice yesterday.
4. Last night.
5. Huh?

1. sixteen months ago for a post-partum
2. the 12th, last Thursday
3. yesterday
4 & 5. shyuh!

1. Last Monday - 6 month followup with oncologist
2. November - 2003
3. Tue. after work
4. Most nights
5. Don't backup computer hard drive - living on faith or foolishness

1..yesterday, if taking my daughter counts.
last month, if not.
2..yesterday, if see above. Last year, if not.
3..yesterday; well, I was out.
4..yesterday; like KTC, gotta have it.
5..oh, lordy, who knows?



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