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Ya'll would find this absolutely hysterical, if you knew that the smock had to HIDE HER EYES during the shark part of Finding Nemo!

Bwaaaa haaaaa haaaaaa haaaaa!

I can't make my picture show up!

But I'm NEMO!

ahhhhhhhh, yes you are, MamaT. stblogs.org comment boxes don't show graphics. bummer.

I've taken this quiz before and I got, oh whats his name, the dad guy.

I remember M telling me about sharks & her, and I laughed when I saw this.

I'm Gil.
I love how Dory is always calling Nemo something different. Probably one of my favorite gags in the movie :o)

Donna, my favorite part is when Dory is waking up, and she is muttering all these little phrases:

"Why, yes, I'm a natural blue!"

I got Nemo. Is that good? I'm probably the last mom in America who hasn't seen the movie!

kathy! for shaaame.



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