how queer

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the lady in the pew says it best.


This made me laugh. Especially the part about little Timmy. I see Timmy getting beat up alot in his racially and sexually diversified school.
I work for a company that provides Partner Benefits. I have no problem with that fact because the company CHOSE to do it. If this pro gay marriage isn't nipped in the bud, hell, it is pretty close to a flower already, won't all companies have to provide these benefits? Won't the consumer then be paying higher prices for goods and services? I assume that one of the partners/spouses/lovers will be staying at home to care for the Thai baby that was recently adopted.

HIV costs are already crippling companies who take on "partners" -- and that cost is passed on to you, the employee who has to pay more money for fewer benefits and to you, the consumer. thanks!



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