I got sucked into the "romance" movie selection....

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.....on Turner Classic Movies yesterday. They were showing Wuthering Heights, starring Merle Oberon as Kathy.

I had forgotten just how much I detest that book and the movie! I can't believe I got sucked into it AGAIN. What do I think? That the movie is somehow going to change? That Kathy will realize the worth of the good man she married? That Heathcliff will have gotten class and honor along with his big bucks and will spend his time doing good? That it won't end with Kathy dying in Heathcliff's arms, leaving the man who tried to save her and make her happy kneeling, crushed, by the side of the bed?

Oh, please. Throw some cold water in that Bronte girl's face. She needs to get a grip. If she lived today, she could be the queen of Harlequin romances. Or be on Dr. Phil trying to figure out why she keeps on picking the wrong men.

Bleccccch. Jane Austen is a breath of fresh air--sensible and bracing. ESPECIALLY when you compare ANYTHING she wrote to Wuthering Heights. You know, I think that book may be on my "Ten Worst" books list--and I think it's dangerous in the same way that soap operas are dangerous. They both promote the worst view of what love is. All feeling and no will.


YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE! I can't stand Wuthering Heights. I don't find sociopaths and the women who love them appealing at all.

and ditto your comments re: Jane Austen v. the messed-up Bronte sisters.

Hmm, we were supposed to read Wuthering Heights in junior year of high school, but I was having "issues" and essentially faked what assignments on it I turned in... Guess I didn't miss much. Glad I saw this because after enjoying Pride and Prejudice on video I'd thought I might give that other English romance from the olden days a try.



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