I just LOVE looking at our search string....

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.....information. It always makes me laugh!

Today's favorite? "middle names that go with Tess".


Let's see: d'Urbervilles, maybe?

It's a hard name--girls' names of one syllable are difficult to make flow with middle names. Maybe they should go with Tess as a middle name!


Tess is short for Theresa. When you think of it like that, a whole slew of possibilites open up for you.

Tess Evangeline
Tess Isabella
Tess Magdalena

I like those...If we had a boy (last time) he would have been Jack Elliot.
I'm enjoying your blog. Came here from Joyces.

How about "Tess Veronica" or "Tess Amalia"?



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