Third book of 2004 finished!


But I don't think it counts as a whole book--it was WAY too short!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I finished My Staggerford Journal by Jon Hassler.

I was quite taken by his description of the day he finished Staggerford, his first novel:

April 3 Completed Staggerford. This is the final copy--the third draft. At nine-fifteen this morning, I put page 475 in a box with the rest of the pages, and a great wind came up. Nature was shaken to the very roots of her teeth by the completion of my novel. My bird feeder swung crazily and spilled out all its sunflower seeds. The nameplate on the front door lost one of its screws. A large limb came crashing down from a neighbor's elm. It was an auspicious occasion. The most satisfying thing I've done since playing high school football. It called for a celebration. Accordingly, therefore, I got in my car and drove out to the Holiday Inn and ordered two eggs, toast, and hash brown potatoes. And I ate them.

Now, this is probably why I like this man so much. He is nerdier than me! Even I would have known that for a celebration like that you have to eat BACON with your eggs, toast and hash browns!



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