I'm not generally into advertising,

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but there was a t-shirt on this site:

CatholicPosters.com - Your Site for Everything Catholic

that I would buy in a heartbeat if I were lucky enough to have a bunch of kids! On the front it says:

Before you even ask...

___Yes, they are all my children
___It is up to God to decide if we are 'finished'
___No, this is not some kind of daycare.
___Yes, I am Catholic.
___Yes, we do know where they come from.

One the back it has scripture quotations.



Oh I love that!!!
Other neat things on that site, too!

I wish that had been available years ago, when all our kids were still at home.

I hope they're still making them in a few years, and I hope we have use for them :) More profoundly, I hope for mass conversion making these unnecessary. I mean, it'd be nice if people at least felt the need not to say such things even if they secretly thought them...

Given the number of people who have told me that my family is terrible for having *three* kids, I fear such a shirt will be needed for a long time.



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