is this supposed to be good or bad?

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You're a Cardassian!
You're a Cardassian! Intelligent and devious,
you're a bit of an enigma to those around you
and scientific to the core.

What Star Trek Race Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i noticed this quiz at mrs. vonhuben's. i must be in a prissy mood tonight. i'm scoring bigtime on the P&V-meter.


Nasty streak?

Sigh--Dishcloth again!

"You're a Human! Inquisitive and mellow, you're an explorer at heart."

must be so, mr. luse.

Me, too, KTC. Sigh.....

Nothing exciting for me.......

sigh. I can't seem to get the thing to work at all. I guess I'm so backward, letting me work the quiz would violate the Prime Directive.



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